We are unique because we are a church that God is making.  We are a church of whoever God brings.  We have a diverse mix of people seeking to tap into this ancient faith while connecting with the contemporary.  As a vibrant Lutheran church we are centered in Christ, grounded in the Word and open to the Spirit.

No matter who you are, no matter what is happening in your life, you are welcome to be a part of Concordia Lutheran Church.  We know when we live in the light of Jesus Christ and listen to His Word that is where new life begins.  When we view ourselves through the lens of Christ’s cross and his forgiveness, we’ve experience where new life begins.  When we’ve gone through hard times, we know the Lord can transform our deepest hurts into His grace where new life begins.  Looking at people through God’s eyes and seeing His blessings is where new life begins.  Not feeling like we have to be perfect, but inspired by God’s Spirit to live authentic lives is where new life begins.  The Lord of Heaven and Earth created you and loves you, and that is where your new life begins.

We are a member of the North American Lutheran Church